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Well that's me.

This was me experimenting. I'd cloured in my stubble to see if I would look good with a beard. I think I do. I'm alone in my opinion. :o)

This is Jo, my lovely girlfriend.

That's me, wholeheartedly endorsing yorkshire puddings.

Me, bein' cheeky.

Until Jo and I have children, these are our boys; Sparky and Scamp, who's giving a friendly wave.

In my Ghee, I'm a force to be reckoned with. This is Gedan Barai - a low block pose. Both this and the next Karate move served as templates for the menu buttons.

Gyaku -zuki - a reverse punch. I've been doing Shotokan Karate for about two years, and am almost a brown belt.

This was Xmas '02 in Hamilton, Scotland. It snowed.

Another snow pic. I was very excited you understand.